Is It Time for a Little Levity?

by Melannie Svoboda SND on September 14, 2020

Like you, I am aware of the many serious situations and issues confronting us right now. While not minimizing them in any way, I feel we must regularly take a break from all the seriousness and exercise our human capacity for levity. I hope a few of these will bring a smile to your face. […]

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It’s about Time

by Melannie Svoboda SND on September 7, 2020

I’ve been thinking about time lately. So today I’d like to share with you some random thoughts about time—if you’ve got time! Time is difficult to define. Here’s one definition: Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in an apparent succession from the past, through the present, to the future.” […]

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Three Poems…

by Melannie Svoboda SND on August 31, 2020

There was a problem with my blog this week, so many of you were not able to open it. But our IT people fixed the problem, so here’s this week’s blog. Thank you for your patience! Today I’d like to share three of my poems with you. The first is unpublished. The other two are […]

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“The Worst Hard Time” by Timothy Egan

by Melannie Svoboda SND on August 24, 2020

I just finished an incredible book: The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan. Written in 2006, the book tells “the untold story of those who survived the Great American Dust Bowl.” You might be asking, “Why read such a depressing book during a global pandemic, Melannie? Couldn’t you pick something more upbeat?” I read it […]

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This and That

by Melannie Svoboda SND on August 17, 2020

Today I’m posting eight short pieces I call “this and that.” 1.“Ask Marilyn” is a weekly column by Marilyn vos Savant. Once she asked her readers to write a sensible, 100-word paragraph without repeating any words. More than 5,000 replied. Most relied on lists and really weird constructions. But here’s the winning paragraph by Jon […]

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We’re Moving…

by Melannie Svoboda SND on August 10, 2020

As many of you know, I live with two other sisters: Sisters Sandy and John Paul. The three of us are moving to our provincial center property in Munson Township in a few weeks. First, a little background. The three of us have lived in this house together for about 15 years. This is the […]

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Why Is There So Much Good in the World?

by Melannie Svoboda SND on August 3, 2020

Does the title of this blog surprise you? Did you think the word good was a mistake? Did you think, “Surely, she meant evil“? No, the title is not a mistake. It refers to something I read years ago by M. Scott Peck, well-known writer and psychologist, author of that wonderful book, The Road Less […]

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A Meditation on a Barn

by Melannie Svoboda SND on July 27, 2020

A while ago, one of our readers, Joe Masterleo, sent me one of his poems entitled “A Barn.” I really liked it and thought you might enjoy it too–especially those of you who, like me, actually had or currently have a barn in your life. Joe lives with his wife Ruth in Jamesville, NY. He […]

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Is It Time for Spiritual Cataract Surgery?

by Melannie Svoboda SND on July 20, 2020

A few months ago I had cataract surgery. I had my left eye done right before covid-19 put a temporary stop to such surgeries. For seven weeks, there I was: left eye, no cataract. Right eye, cataract. It was a unique situation to be in. When I closed my left eye, I saw the world […]

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Anatomy of Crabbiness

by Melannie Svoboda SND on July 13, 2020

Sometimes I get crabby. When I do, I can often point to several root causes: the injustices I perceive in the world around me and in my personal life; the pain and sorrow of others as well as my own; the state of the economy, society, education, family life, the planet, and the church; my […]

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