Slowing Down for Advent

by Melannie Svoboda SND on November 30, 2015

The other morning as I was rushing to get my breakfast, I spilled the whole bowl of Cheerios onto the kitchen floor. Luckily I hadn’t poured the milk in yet. As I was cleaning up the mess, I had a little talk with myself. “Why in the world are you rushing, Melannie?”  “Me? Rushing?” “Yes, […]

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The Gift of Fallow Time

by Melannie Svoboda SND on November 23, 2015

When I ministered with the Jesuits in Detroit in the 90’s, I made regular trips between Detroit and Cleveland where my family and religious congregation were. Whenever I did, I was always amazed at all the farmland I saw in northwestern Ohio. For miles and miles, on both sides of the turnpike, flat fields stretched […]

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What Truths Do Jews, Christians, and Muslims Hold in Common?

by Melannie Svoboda SND on November 16, 2015

(Note: I wrote this reflection three weeks ago and scheduled it for today. The deadly attacks in Paris last Friday have deeply moved all of us, I’m sure. They make the topic of this post more urgent than ever.) History is filled with stories of the animosity among Jews, Christians, and Muslims: the Crusades, the […]

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The Wright Brothers

by Melannie Svoboda SND on November 9, 2015

On a winter day in 1903, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, two unknown brothers from Ohio did something no human being had ever done before: They successfully flew the first heavier-than-air powered machine carrying a pilot. Their remarkable story is told with clarity and thoroughness by David McCullough in his book, The Wright Brothers.

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Why Are Babies So Cute?

by Melannie Svoboda SND on November 2, 2015

A number of years ago I was helping my mother with her grocery shopping. As we turned into the next aisle, we saw a woman coming toward us with a baby nestled in her grocery cart. My mother stopped her. “In which aisle did you get that?” she asked pointing to the baby. “I’d like […]

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Brother Mickey and the Saints

by Melannie Svoboda SND on October 26, 2015

November 1 is the feast of All Saints. This feast focuses on those saints not formally canonized by the Church. (Writer Kathy Coffey calls them “God’s Glorious Nobodies.”) The feast also underscores one of the greatest treasures we have for our spiritual life: the array of holy people who have gone before us in the […]

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In Praise of Perseverance

by Melannie Svoboda SND on October 19, 2015

An 87-year-old nun lived in her community’s large health care center. To put it bluntly, she was not known for her cheerful disposition. Yet every day she would shuffle down the hall with her cane and pray before the statue of St. Therese the Little Flower—a saint who died at age 24. One day another […]

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Amazing Apples

by Melannie Svoboda SND on October 12, 2015

When I was 14-years-old, I got my first non-babysitting job. I worked at Sorter’s Fruit Stand at the corner of Chardon (Rt. 6) and Bishop Roads. (There’s a gas station there now).  It was a great job that paid 50 cents an hour. But the job had other “benefits” besides money: I was the only […]

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Why I Like Working Jigsaw Puzzles

by Melannie Svoboda SND on October 5, 2015

I like working jigsaw puzzles. Some of my friends don’t understand why. They say, “You spend hours putting all those pieces together and then you take the puzzle apart again. What’s the point?”

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Playing for Change: Using Music to Bring Peace in the World

by Melannie Svoboda SND on September 28, 2015

“Playing for Change” is a multi-media music project created by sound engineer Mark Johnson and dancer/choreographer Whitney Kroenke. Its purpose is to inspire, connect, and bring peace in the world through music. Here’s how it works.

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