Humor: Just for the Fun of It

by Melannie Svoboda SND on February 23, 2015

I know it’s Lent. I know this is a somber season in the liturgical year. But I also know that Jesus said, “When you fast do not look gloomy” (Mt. 6:1). So today’s reflection is dedicated to humor. When I give talks or retreats, I always say: Hang on to your sense of humor. It […]

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Lent: God’s Great Come as You Are Party

by Melannie Svoboda SND on February 16, 2015

Someone has said, “God always throws a better party.” I like that. To me it means when things don’t turn out the way I plan or I want them to, then I should hang on! God might be getting ready to throw a different kind of party, and a better one than I could ever come up […]

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For St. Valentine’s Day: A Reflection on Kissing

by Melannie Svoboda SND on February 9, 2015

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, I am devoting today’s blog to kissing. Let me be clear, as a celibate woman, I am no authority on kissing—at least not the romantic kind. But I have had considerable experience with the other kinds: kisses that show affection, appreciation, friendship, respect, and gratitude.

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I Thank God for Those People Who Do Well What I Can’t Do at All

by Melannie Svoboda SND on February 2, 2015

Today I’d like to thank God for those individuals who do well what I can’t (or don’t) do at all. Here are a few of them (in no particular order):

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Is News Bad or Good for Us?

by Melannie Svoboda SND on January 26, 2015

I came across an essay in The Guardian the other day that piqued my interest. The Guardian is a British newspaper that identifies itself with “social liberalism.” The essay was entitled “News Is Bad for You” and it was written by Rolf Dobelli, who is described in Wikipedia as a “Swiss novelist, thinker, entrepreneur, and student of the social […]

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Daffodils and the Incarnation

by Melannie Svoboda SND on January 19, 2015

When we hear the word Incarnation, many of us probably think: That’s the moment Mary conceived Jesus in her womb. This leads us to think of the Incarnation as an event that happened once, over 2,000 years ago, in a country far away from most of us. God became a human being, lived, taught, died, […]

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Sitting in the Bleachers with Cody

by Melannie Svoboda SND on January 12, 2015

Here I am on a Sunday afternoon sitting in the bleachers next to Cody, my grandnephew, a sixth grader. We are watching his fifth grade brother, Drew, play basketball.

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Why I Became a Nun

by Melannie Svoboda SND on January 5, 2015

Pope Francis has declared 2015 the Year of Consecrated Life. Consecrated Life essentially  includes individuals who have professed the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. They can be priests, sisters (nuns), or brothers. To mark this year, I will write a few posts on several aspects of consecrated life. I begin today with a rather […]

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Wishes for the New Year

by Melannie Svoboda SND on December 29, 2014

Here are my wishes for you for the New Year:

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Christmas and the School Crossing Guard

by Melannie Svoboda SND on December 22, 2014

Every Christmas I recall a certain school crossing guard I saw years ago when I was living in Detroit, Michigan. I never met her personally, but I saw her almost every day as she ushered the children safely across the street at a local Catholic elementary school. I remember in particular an incident that occurred about […]

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